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Zafa Asphalt, is about getting the asphalt results you want without the hassle

At Zafa Asphalt, we’re all about getting the results you want when it comes to your asphalt project, without the hassle… why would you settle for anything less?

Superior Quality Asphalt

Our suppliers go through a rigorous selection process, hand picked by our experienced management team to ensure we are offering our clients the best asphalt product in the business.

Value Pricing

Our clients will tell you that our prices are some of the most reasonable and affordable in the industry. Our focus is providing the best possible value at the best possible price.

Seamless Project Management From Planning to Delivery

Our experience across project management means we can offer everything from recommendations and detailed planning about your asphalt project, to coordinating with multiple tradespersons when completing project delivery.

Working To Scale

No job is too big or small. We can scale up or down depending on the needs of the project.

Punctual Turnaround Times

We deliver on time, at all times.

Highly Experienced

Our team has 50+ years of combined experience in asphalt Brisbane and asphalt Sunshine Coast solutions.

Friendly & Professional Customer Service

Our attention to providing exceptional customer experience has earned us a well respected reputation and allowed us to grow quickly through word of mouth.

Emphasis on Workplace Safety & Excellence

We comply with OHS regulations and uphold the highest standards of quality control and excellence within the asphalt and construction industries.

To Help Make Your Vision Tangible Today Visit our Sister Company Zafa Contracting


Residential Asphalt


Government & Council Asphalt


Commercial Asphalt

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The Leading Industrial, Commercial and Residential Asphalt Brisbane Solutions

In our 6 years in the industry, we’ve worked on every type of project from local government and civil projects, to residential asphalt driveways, car parks, pedestrian walkways, and so much more.

Some of our notable larger projects include Kooralbyn Valley Airport overlay and Logan Council road maintenance project.

Our services


Residential Asphalt Driveways, Pathways, Tennis Courts, Carport

Our asphalt driveways and residential asphalt solutions are designed with longevity, maintenance, and affordability in mind. They are built to last, cost you less, and be easier to maintain, saving you time and money!


Commercial Car Parks & Sporting Courts

From commercial car parks and sporting courts to large commercial surfaces that require asphalt paving, we come with all the materials needed to get a quality job done smoothly and efficiently.


Government & Council Projects Including Main Roads & Airport Overlays

No matter how big the job, Zafa Asphalt can deliver. We have access to the best commercial and industrial asphalt professionals in the business.

To Help Make Your Vision Tangible Today Visit our Sister Company Zafa Contracting

About Us

At Zafa Asphalt Pty Ltd, our focus is simple… to deliver the highest level of quality asphalt solutions, at the best possible price, by highly experienced professionals.

Zafa Asphalt, a trust-owned entity, was established in 2011 by Owner & Managing Director, Zachari Fall-Brown. Zafa Contracting, the privately-owned sister company of Zafa Asphalt commenced trading in July 2018 after an analysis of the future market & growth opportunities. The methodology behind the foundation of Zafa Contracting is to expand the existing & future business of Zafa Asphalt and propel the “Zafa” brand forward; utilising the skills, expertise, resources & finances of 7 years of trading.

No need to worry about cracks, pot-hole’s, and expensive maintenance due to the unique South East Queensland climate. Our asphalt solutions are the best in the business, built to last and save you money over time.